St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School is a Parish Day School that was founded by St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in 1963. In the several intervening years St. Mark’s Episcopal Church has continued to see the Day School as part of the mission and ministry of the parish community; and it is the mission of the St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School to nurture the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of children ranging in age from 2-years-old to pre-Kindergarten; and it is our hope and intention that each child enrolled at St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School will know themselves to be loved by God; will grow in the love and knowledge of God; will experience the delight and adventure of learning; will learn how to be a good friend and good citizen; will explore the boundless expanse of their creative potential; will learn new skills; and will be well prepared for their admission to elementary school. At St. Mark's Episcopal Day School the classrooms are always full of laughter, of music, and a sense of general delight (once those initial fleeting tears of separation have subsided).

We have heard it said, "Think of the children," and that is what we do here at St. Mark's. We welcome, cherish, nurture, love, guide, and educate children in the warmest of loving and caring environments. In addition to the training required for teachers of accredited preschools, the St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School teachers are also required to have attended the Diocese’s Safeguarding God’s Children program; and it is our commitment to the children who are entrusted to our care that they be kept safe as well as nurtured and enriched.

Warmest welcome,

The Rev. William Fowler

Interim Rector


The Rev. Dr. David Peters

Associate Rector

A Prayer for the Children

Dear God, we thank you for the gift of these children to raise, these lives to share, these minds to mold, these bodies to nurture, these spirits to enrich.

Let us never betray these children’s trust, dampen their hope, or discourage their dreams.

Help us, dear God, to help these precious children to become all that You mean them to be.

"Let your grace and love fall on them like gentle breezes and give them inner strength and peace and patience for the journey ahead." - Marian Wright Edelman