On the Road Again


Summer 2019

June 10th - July 26th 2019

Road Trip across the 5 regions of the United States this summer with St. Mark's

Travel with St. Mark's 8:30 a.m. -- 12:30 p.m. weekdays this summer

“On the Road Again” summer camp creates an opportunity for students to learn about diversity in cultural backgrounds and diversity in nature as well. Culture shapes our identity and influences our behaviors, and cultural diversity makes us accept, integrate and assimilate with other cultures. In today’s world, our chances with interacting with people of different races and cultures is far greater than ever before. It is extremely important to teach children to be accepting of different cultures and respectful of their beliefs. Each week students will explore some of the elements of culture that are the foundation of our nation, and key landmarks that are historically significant to the United States. This camp, by incorporating the study of natural wonders, encourages children’s interest in the diversity, beauty, and joy of natural life and an understanding of the importance of the interrelationship of living things. Children who experience nature education will develop a positive attitude about themselves, nature and the earth. With the many environmental concerns facing the environment today, the study of our natural surroundings are even more important for children to understand and learn how to protect. Each week of camp is presented in a fun and creative way, filled with fun facts, hands on projects, stories and a few surprises. Our teachers use S.T.E.M. practices to foster each student’s curiosity and promote critical thinking while having fun in the process! So pack your bags, and join us for a road trip to remember as we make our way across the five regions of these Great United States!

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