Our Program

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The St. Mark's Experience

  • We’ve designed activities based on expression, concentration, inquiry, creation, manipulation and exploration to help your child bloom in self-confidence and curiosity.
  • Blocks, toys, group discussion, story time, puppets and dramatic play stimulate expression through fantasy and re-creation of the world around them.
  • Music and movement classes taught by educated and dedicated teachers are scheduled weekly, and promote a healthy, joyful learning experience that inspires self-expression, self-confidence, and age appropriate group collaboration.
  • St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School provides a Christian environment of belonging, emphasizing self-worth and self-expression.
  • We create opportunities for your child to further develop communication, social and problem-solving skills while participating in a group experience.
  • Our low teacher-pupil ratio, dedicated and seasoned staff, and extensive grounds/facilities help your child develop and succeed in these areas.


  • An extensive playground is used daily, weather permitting, to allow for additional social and physical expression.
  • A large swing area, multiple forts and playhouses, tricycle/vehicle trail, and sand play area are all provided for your child’s growth, imagination, social learning and exercise.
  • Much of the playground is shaded by beautiful, mature trees.


  • St. Mark’s introduces pre-reading and pre-math skills as they become developmentally ready.
  • Children learn fundamental mathematical concepts and strategies through investigative experiences and problem solving.
  • We support children’s emerging literacy through story time, discussion, exercises, artwork, storyboards, letter books and language charts.
  • Social studies and the sciences are an integral part our daily activities and explorations.


  • A once-a-week Chapel time offers an understanding of Episcopalian Christian values through story-telling, discussion, dramatic play, singing and praying.
  • All denominations and faith traditions are welcome at St. Mark’s.
  • We welcome and encourage participation in our weekly church services, but membership in St. Mark’s church is not a requirement for admission.

Child Development

  • At St. Mark’s we are focused each child and their joyful development.
  • We strive to carefully and lovingly guide each child so that he/she may get the most out of these multifaceted program(s).
  • We welcome your questions and inquiries about our specific school programs and curriculum.