After School Enrichment Classes (12:30 - 1:45 p.m.)

St. Mark’s offers variety of After School Enrichment Classes once the regular school day ends. Some examples of classes offered are Dramatic Play, Studio Art, Dance, Hidden Treasures, Young Chefs, Spanish, Science and Nature, Sports Magic, Junior Garden Guild, and Piano. Students who attend these classes are escorted to the class by their teachers. Parents pick up students from the After School Class at 1:45 p.m. Initial sign-up for After School Enrichment Classes takes place on the annual Parent Work Day in August. During the school year, you may register for a class by contacting the School Office. Space in these classes is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tuition is $50 per month per class. A supply fee of $25 per class will be assessed each semester. Payments are due by the first school day of each month and will be included in your tuition invoice.

Enrichment Classes are available to students who are at least 3 years of age and potty-trained. If space is available, you may enroll your child in a new class at any time. Parents must provide at least two weeks of written notice before canceling or switching classes.

Interested in trying a class before enrolling? Take advantage of our new Guest Pass. A $15 Guest Pass entitles your child to visit an Enrichment Class on a future date scheduled by the School Office. If you choose to enroll your child in the class following the visit, we will bundle the Guest Pass charge into the regular monthly tuition fee. Only one Guest Pass per child will be issued for each Enrichment Class. Children may not visit a class on the same day the Guest Pass is purchased.

Sports Magic

Introduce your child to T-Ball, Soccer, Golf and just plain fun with this class. Children work on large motor skills, eye hand coordination and fitness. Fun is required, as preschoolers learn to hit, throw, run bases, dribble soccer galls and learn basic game rules and sportsmanship. Each day brings a new activity and new fun. Prepare your child for their first day in youth sports.

Dramatic Play

Imagine who we can become! Choose and act out a favorite story, poem or tale. Who has ever heard of Snow White and the 3 Ninjas?


Learn this beautiful language from a native speaker. Through fun, games, and songs mixed with traditional preschool curriculum the children will enjoy hands-on activities.

Preschool Book Club

This class aims to nurture a love of books and reading while having a lot of fun along the way. Each week a favorite book will be read aloud. We will then follow up with enriching and creative activities that go along with the story. We will incorporate music, arts, and crafts, movement, and your child's imagination.

Hidden Treasures

Have you ever made a game out of a detergent scoop or created soap filled with spiders? Students create art projects from everyday objects. Many medium are used – from decoupage to tie die. At the end of each month students solve clues in the popular treasure hunt from the class activities!

Keyboarding (piano)

Keyboarding for 3's is an introduction geared toward the child who will be 3 by September 1. This group class is a fun way to develop enjoyment of the piano. All parents are invited to our May recital.

Pre-K Keyboarding is offered for children who will be 4 by September 1. The class incorporates activities that encourage the musical development of the child. Major musical concepts including ear training, rhythm, music theory, and musical notation are explored. These group classes are a great way of making piano lessons an enjoyable time in your child's day. Our May recital is always a highlight of the year!

Science and Nature

Discover a world of wonder and mystery with science and nature. Children experience nature and learn about scientific principles. From exploding volcanoes, to discovering fossils, to building gumdrop sculptures -- this is a great hands-on class!


Strengthen your child's multi-cultural experience! Studies show that the best time to learn a new language is during the early years. Sing, dance, play, and work on projects. Bravo!

Young Chefs Cooking

Bon Appetit! Chop, dice, blend, mix, and (of course) taste wonderful treats. We will learn how to measure, follow recipes, and practice kitchen safety.

*Please consult with the teacher regarding food allergies.


Incorporating Hindu folklore as a backdrop to our asana practice, we will explore balance, flexibility, and self awareness through a fun, active yoga class just for kids. Our goal is to encourage creativity in mind and body, and the awareness of how the two work together.

Studio Art

Self-expression, various media, featured artists, multi-media, creative energy, multi-week techniques, and an art show! Join classically trained professional artists and teachers Becky Nolan and Elizabeth Grant for this exciting class!

Junior Garden Guild

Becky Nolan, president of the St. Mark's Garden Guild and Kiki Sousa, backyard gardening enthusiast, will lead the children in the planting, upkeep, and general beautification and appreciation of our campus. Outdoors and action packed, the children will get down and dirty with all things gardening and landscaping.

Ballet and Dance

Children who learn to dance move through life with grace. A glorious introduction to ballet and other dances.