It is important to stay informed and to do what we can to be adequately prepared for the uncertainty that lies ahead with the continued spread of COVID-19. But that can be never-ending and anxiety-increasing if that’s all we do. In uncertain and unsettling times—and especially in this time of intentional isolation and social distancing—we need relief and release from the constant barrage of facts, figures, and tactics being thrown at us in the news. This is where the #PassThePeaceProject comes in.

Though it is best for the time being that we no longer “pass the peace” by shaking hands, hugging, or kissing—or now even waving from across the room to one another—that doesn’t mean that we no longer need peace. We need it more than ever. Therefore, I’d like to invite us to stay in regular contact with one another via Facebook and Instagram through our own local, reinvented pass-the-peace initiative. Remember, creativity flourishes within constraints. Here’s what I have in mind: A coronavirus-free zone on social media full of joy, hope, and hilarity. I am not a big social media person myself, but I commit to being regularly active on our Facebook account (I created my own account yesterday!) and our church Instagram account @stmarksaustin until this whole thing passes.

Here’s How You Can Participate

How are you passing the time at home? Are you reading an amazing book? Record a video of yourself reading your favorite excerpt. Did you rediscover a favorite album? Share a song with us. Did your dog just do something hilarious? Are you taking guitar lessons? Did you cook something amazing? Where are you finding joy? Where are you finding peace? Pass it on! What rocks have sprung forth with water in this wilderness? If you share videos via Facebook or Instagram story, tag @stmarksaustin so we can repost them and include the hashtag #PassThePeaceProject so we can all feel a little more together in this lonely time.